Olenikov Viktor was born in 1940 in Khabarovsk. He graduated from the art and graphic faculty of the Kuban State University in 1970. Member of the Moscow Union of Artists since 1982. At the heart of the painting is the artist. The best traditions of the entire Russian realistic school . The artist`s highly attractive side is his attractive gift of a colorist. This is a rare gift that can not be learned, it is necessary to be born with it. In his works we see soft color transitions. Here everything rests on the subtlest vibrations of color, transmitting a subtle air environment. A special sincerity, the warmth of his works, as well as sincerity, gives his canvases a special charm and not passing value. The warm silvery-brown range of his works is noble. Delicate still lifes with flowers, decided in close, light colors. Everything is subordinate to the main – the color environment, the object lives and dissolves in it, combining, like air, things, spots and silhouettes into a single pictorial fabric of the work. Nature presented the artist with talent, and also a rare work capacity, kind disposition, spiritual generosity and obsession in the development of his talent. Viktor is a participant in Moscow and foreign exhibitions. Fanatic ! He is painting whith love. All materials posted on the site are the property of the author without permission from which the publication of paintings or their elements on the Internet, prints and other sources is strictly prohibited.