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Personal online gallery of the artist Victor Olennikov

The author`s works are based on the best traditions of the entire Russian realistic school of painting. The most attractive side of the artist is his natural gift of a colorist, who can not be learned, he must be born with it. In the works of Viktor Olenikov we see soft color transitions, here everything rests on the subtlest vibrations of color, transmitting a subtle aura. Classical subjects of compositions allow paintings to decorate any interior and will certainly suit the sophisticated connoisseurs of art. A special sincerity, the warmth of his works, as well as sincerity, gives his canvases a special charm and not passing value. This online gallery presents the majority of works written from 1970 to the present and are available for purchase in the original or in the form of a reproduction. The paintings included in private collections are not duplicated and are not available for order.